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The Bathrooms

Rowallan has ample toilet facilities for a full compliment of visitors.  Downstairs we have a shower room with a good-sized corner shower unit, whilst upstairs you'll find a bright, spacious bathroom with an additional WC next door.

The Bathroom

The main bathroom is large, bright and welcoming.  It has a curved bath tucked in behind the door with a powerful shower overhead.

The Shower Room

The Shower Room is a good-sized room that's easily accessible, situated downstairs between the kitchen and the scullery.  It has a large, powerful quadrant shower for your comfort and convenience.

The WC

When you've got a full house of eight people, two bathrooms aren't always enough.  We've also got a WC situated upstairs beside the bathroom to make life easier.  It's got a lovely view eastwards too!

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