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The Bedrooms

There are four spacious bedrooms in Rowallan and they can be set up any way you choose to suit your group dynamic.  Bedding and towels are, of course, provided for your convenience.

Please note that the Back Room is accessed through The Twin Room.  This is ideal for families with young children, but may not be so appropriate for a group of adults.


The Front Room

The Front Room is a bright airy room facing the front of the house, above the Ben Parlour.  It can be set up as either a twin room or a super king room, but is big enough to be a family room (super king and a single) or a group room (three singles) if needs be.

The Twin Room

The Twin Room also faces the front of the house, above the Parlour.  In spite of its name, it can be set up as either a twin room or a super king room!

The Wee Room

The Wee Room isn't all that still comfortably fits a double bed!  It's a lovely quiet room at the back of the house, above The Old Music Room.

The Back Room

The Back Room is a perfect room for children.  It's an adjoining room to The Twin Room but can be set up with either twin beds or a super king bed to suit your requirements.  It's above The Old Shop and has lovely open views from the front-facing window.

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